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  • Welcome to Electromagnetism!

    This course is primarily meant for first-year Bachelor's students and everyone interested in the basics of electromagneticsThe pre-knowledge of differential and integral calculus is recommended. 

    In this six-week course, we shall focus on the various interesting phenomena of electromagnetism. How are electric and magnetic fields created, how do they interact and how do electromagnetic waves propagate?

    We'll start on Monday, 2February, in Hall TU7 (TUAS-talo, Maarintie 8). The course will be implemented in contact teaching - i.e., unfortunately, it is not possible to participate in the sessions or the course remotely. Lectures are on Mondays 12-14 and Wednesdays 10-12 in Hall TU7. Exercise sessions are on Thursdays 10-12 in Hall TU6. 

    We will closely follow the textbook, David K. Cheng: Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics (several editions). The book Field and Wave Electromagnetics by the same author is a more extensive version of the same material and is also a good source, containing additional details for any interested student.

    Homework problems are to be returned weekly. They are graded and their outcome forms 50% of the final grade of the course. The other half comes from the course exam on Wednesday, April 19. The retake exam is on May 15.

    Welcome to the course!

    Ari Sihvola (teacher-in-charge) ari dot sihvola at

    Viktar Asadchy (teacher) viktar dot asadchy at

    Mostafa Mohamed (assistant) mohamed dot mostafa at

    Francisco Díaz-Fernández (assistant) diazff1 at

    Artistic illustration of the electric field of a dipole